September 1, 2022 | Read Time: 2 mins

By: Rev. Mark Sorensen

As I write this, I have just returned to The Woodlands fresh from a much-needed getaway to the beautiful mountains of Colorado. For six glorious days, my wife and I were able to unplug, disconnect from our email and cell phones, and practice the lost art of “no technology” while hiking trails, finding waterfalls and enjoying morning temperatures in the 50s and afternoon highs in the 70s (a beautiful reminder from the Lord that there are places in this world where real seasons actually exist).

One of our days out exploring, we started the morning by stopping in a small town and eating some breakfast in a little diner. The waitress quickly took us to our table and we took our seats. Not long after, we saw an older gentleman with one of the largest cowboy hats we had ever seen on an individual walk to a table next to us and sit down. He placed his cowboy hat next to me and picked up his menu. Nothing out of the ordinary, I suppose. That is, until the waitress came over and spoke with him. She said, “Harold, I’m so sorry but looks like you’re not getting your normal table this morning. I was just about ready to sit some customers at this table that were next in line. Think you could move?” I’ll be honest – it was hard not to eavesdrop in the moment as half of Harold’s cowboy hat was still sitting across my leg. I watched as Harold smiled and said, “Ok then,” grabbed his hat and scooted out to leave. What happened next I wasn’t quite prepared for. As he left, Harold looked back at me, winked and said the following: “Careful, it’s probably flatlanders.”

I laughed. Harold didn't.

Bless him.

I get it. I love a routine! I love consistency, and when my day is set, I love for everything to go as planned! However, life is full of surprises, isn’t it? Truth is, you never know when Jesus may show up and remind you that the table you sit at is much bigger than you ever thought it could be.

This Sunday, I am excited to be preaching from Luke 24 and the Emmaus Road story. There are two disciples who find that Jesus had a table for two reserved just for them, yet the meal was too good for them to leave as a party of two. Others needed to know they were invited as well! True for the disciples then; true for us today.

It’s going to be a special Sunday of worship. Our different worship communities are gathering together in our Sanctuary as we worship, hear the Word, and find ourselves at the Lord’s table for Holy Communion. I hope you will join us, and I promise you this – all are welcome. This flatlander will see you there. 🙂