Nourish | The Woodlands Methodist Church


Sunday at 7:00 PM

A woman’s search for spiritual nourishment and fellowship through study and discussion of Christian topics.

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Nourish uses a small group format with a book/study selection that doesn’t require a lot of time to read, but really gets you to look at yourself and the Bible in new and Christ affirming ways. No videos, just plenty of discussion and sharing as we get to know each other and God’s will for our lives.

"And the Angels Were Silent" by Max Lucado

Sunday | 7:00 - 8:15 p.m. | B110

January 22 - March 26


Join us as we go day by day through the final week of Jesus' life. By looking closely at this week, we will see how firmly Jesus walked to Jerusalem and to his preordained death on the cross. We will see what was important to him in the last few days of his life and by seeing his priorities we can come to better know what our priorities should be in life. This study will help us to understand how deeply we are loved by God and how much we owe Jesus for his sacrifice and give us ideas for how we should live our lives. Participants will have to buy only the book at their favorite online retailer. Nourish is held as a discussion group without videos to allow time for participants to get to know each other as we also enrich our relationship with God.

You will need to purchase your book from your favorite bookstore or online website.  

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