Meet Nycki Sorensen, A Sister's Reflection

January 4, 2022 | Read Time: 3 mins

By: Ms. Kristan Gross

There is truly not another soul on the planet like Nycki Sorensen. You know her husband well – pastor, leader, comedian, friend. But if you don’t know Nycki yet, you’re truly missing out. Writing from the perspective of her big sister, I have watched her whole life unfold, and Nycki has become one of the most amazing women I have ever known.

To really know Nycki is a privilege and a bit of a mystery. Unlike her bold and charismatic husband, Nycki is an introvert – but most people wouldn’t know that. As a child she preferred to spend more time with animals than with people, and her household is still blessed today with treasured pets and pictures of the special friends (pigs, donkeys, camels, puppies) she has made on her many excursions around the world. She’s never met an animal she didn’t already love.  

But over the years, Nycki has grown into a woman who loves people even more richly. Her heart for her family and friends is unmatched, and those who are blessed to be loved by her understand what a Proverbs 31 woman is all about. Her heart for ministry, for children, for those who need her goes beyond simple love into action. She has moved mountains for children in Haiti who needed lifesaving medical care they could only find in the United States. For more than twenty years, she has invested in the lives of children as their teacher, mentor, and friend. She has touched the lives of families who needed her to step in the gap for them when they had no other hope. To know Nycki is to experience love in motion.  

As women, whether in business or in our homes, brave is rarely a word we use to describe each other. But it’s the best word I know to sum up my sister – your pastor’s wife. Her bravery first showed up when she married a radio DJ more than twenty-eight years ago. She didn’t marry a pastor – she didn’t have any idea where God would call them. But she bravely embraced the covenant of marriage that has led her down the pathway of sacrificial ministry right alongside Mark, as his wife, supporter, and balance. She was created for this role.  

But Nycki’s bravery has extended far beyond being a pastor’s wife to ministering in developing countries to the world’s poorest and neediest people, to being stranded by natural disasters in places where she was saved only by heeding God’s voice telling her to move now, to motherhood and all the challenges it brings. She has developed businesses from inception to success and braved the public and private school systems for years. Her heart and faith in the Lord have led her to bravely take steps from which many of us would have shied away.  

Your pastor’s wife – my sister and best friend – is a woman who loves to bake and be barefoot in her kitchen as much as dressing up in fancy clothes and eating party food. She’s a lover of nature and the beauty God created, embracing the beaches and the mountains equally. She treasures a relaxing yoga session in her sunroom and a great avocado toast. But more than anything, Nycki is a fierce defender of her family and her faith.  

Now you, as her extended church family, have the assurance that Nycki’s fierce bravery and love in motion will be extended to you as well. I encourage you to pray for her as she bravely walks this next path in her life and take the time to walk alongside her in ministry. Your life will be richly blessed by intentionally knowing Nycki. I know mine is.